Monday, January 21, 2008

This is a Public Service Announcement

Oh! I thought finding the "Free To Be You and Me" clips were exciting! The other morning the Man and I were discussing those little public service announcements that they played between the Saturday morning cartoons. There were several and they all involved a little yellow guy who danced around and told you to eat more cheese and make juice pops and brush your teeth. There was one line we both remembered for sure: The little yellow guy has a slice of cheese and as he rolls it by he says, "Look! A wagon wheel!".

No kidding, later the same day the Man goes to YouTube, types in "look a wagon wheel" and here's what you get! Do you remember these PSAs?


me said...

Oh my gosh!! I remember those!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Weaver said...

Thanks for the fun. The kids and I just watched a bunch looking for my old favorite (Don't Drown Your Food).

Nance said...

"hanker fer a hunka, a slab or slice or chunka"...I ALWAYS SING THAT!!! geeze, you can find ANYTHING on youtube.