Saturday, March 29, 2008

My van is back...almost

My van is home, physically out there in the driveway looking just wonderful. It ended up getting a new bumper and grill, of course. It also ended up getting a new hood and one of the headlights had to be replaced. They said "Wednesday or Thursday" and I ended up picking it up Friday. That okay.

What's not okay is how it is handling. On the way home the steering felt tight and a little jerky, but not terrible. Later on we all ended up going to the movies and the Man drove it. When we first headed out it was "Yeah, it does feel weird". By the time we got home it was, "No one is driving this again until it is headed back to the shop".

There was nothing wrong with the performance of my car after the accident. It only looked ugly, but it ran perfectly. Actually, it was a bit of fun to ride around all mangled up. I would shout things like "Hey! You think I won't hit you! Look at my car, man! I've got nothing to lose!" Things like that. Getting my van back now, only to have it actually worse than before the accident is really upsetting. Knowing that it's going to be going away again for who knows how long is even more upsetting. Now I'm going to miss some days of work for this as well. The cherry on top is that this Friday, I need those wheels to get a whole bunch of Girl Scouts to Kalahari for a day water park mania. So whatever those fellows did to it while they were making it pretty, it better be a quick and easy thing fix!

Oh, and the car place won't be open until Monday, 8 AM. As far as I know, they probably haven't even heard my very upset voice mail about this yet. *sigh*

The tiny annoyance of today was the stupid remote for the cable went belly up. This morning it was working; this afternoon, nothing. I hoped it just was dead batteries, but no, it's a dead remote for no reason at all. A quick pop up to the cable company will get us a new one without a bat of an eye from the worker behind the bulletproof glass. But, the cable office isn't open until Monday, 9 AM.

Luckily, the cable office and the car place are only a block away from each other!


Nance said...

oh, no. car stuff. that is the absolute WORST. i mean it. especially when it's had work done, and it just isn't the same.

make your husband take it in. i don't care how erudite or articulate or knowledgeable you are--men do not take any woman seriously at a car place. i hate it, but there it is.

Weaver said...

So sorry to hear about the van drama. our van has to go in for some break work and the kids are very traumatized because it meant we had to take the car when we went out this weekend.

Hope you get it all worked out today!!!