Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Thirteen is our number. I don't want to sound all "23" crazy about it, but there have been several examples of 13 being an important number to us. I know that you could take any number and drive yourself batty finding examples of it in your life: Patterns emerge, coincidences occur, planets collide. Eventually you find yourself locked up mumbling that special number to yourself and eating without utensils. But I assure you, it's not that way it is for us and the number 13.

It starts with me. I was raised on 13th Street. As an homage to his sweetie in the stands, the Man wore the number 13 on his softball jersey.

And now today these two are thirteen! Wow!

And here they are when they were thirteen days old.

I know they are thirteen days old in this picture because this is the day them came home from the hospital, April 13th.

Did I mention that they were born 13 minutes apart? Hmmm....I bet if I thought about this I COULD find more 13s....

Happy Birthday to the Girl and Boy! I've loved everyday of our 13 years together!

Now, cute kittens!

(Not that I have a good twin and a bad twin! They take turns playing both roles. Okay, not really! They are actually both wonderful people. Am I'm not just saying that because I'm their mommy!)


Weaver said...

Happy Birthday you too!! I'll never forget the phone call. I threw a birthday shout out to you on my blog today (before I even got here) so I really did remember your birthday, it just took me an extra day to really let it sink in that I am old :)

Happy Birthday and make it a great year!!!

(J, our #2 has one heck of a number story but the number is 6, I just told my doctor about it Monday. Maybe I'll tell it tomorrow for ya)

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord now I feel sooooooo old! 13 @@ you guys are killin me with these teens!
Jen jen
the Jelly and Cracker girl!