Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is an emergency!

Last night was the season finale of Project Runway and I was all kicked back ready to find out who would be the winner. I felt like the show tipped it's hand a bit with letting Christian show his designs last; seemed to me like they were showing a teeny bit of favoritism there. Anyway, Jillian's collection was very pretty. Rami's was typical and a little dull except for his use of offensive colors: Bright turquoise and electric pink! Nina said that Rami has trouble with color choices. That's putting it mildly! Christian's, of course, had everyone applauding madly with every new outfit. Way too much black for me and I'm not into mongo sized hats, but that last number with all the feathers was pretty fabulous.

But that's not what this is about. Ten minutes were left in the show, the three designers were on the runway getting an ear full about how much they rock and suck at the same time, then suddenly an emergency broadcasting alert cut in! Thankfully it wasn't a test or I would have totally lost it. It was an actual emergency letting the folks out in the boonies know that their water was contaminated and they should boil it. I should feel grateful that they didn't wait five more minutes to make the announcement. If I had missed the moment when Christian was named the winner, it would have been too much. All we missed was the part where they critiqued Rami and I would have loved to hear that, because some of those outfits were WAY off the mark. I'll have to catch then end of the show at another time. Hopefully, the local water system will have pulled its act together by then.

So another season of Project Runway is done and gone. Another long wait until next season begins!


Nance said...

I hear you! I was so irritated by the cut-in. And didn't Rami's outfits all look very old-lady 1980s? Except for the evening gowns and the obvious workmanship that went into the basketweaving detail, his stuff was very reminiscent of the Chloe Dao crap that won over gorgeous Daniel Vosovic back on season 4. Jillian is way too invested in the short tutu skirt look and what on earth was up with that horrific referee sweater with the poodle sleeves? Oh. My.

Now, what will I do on Wednesday nights? Maybe I'll have to look into a Netflix subscription.

J. said...

That black and white sweater was so hideous, but you could tell that someone in charge loved it because that's the one you kept seeing over and over again in the workroom. Or maybe, they were showing us her worst to throw us off. Possible.