Tuesday, March 04, 2008

They Should Rename Bumpers!

I've put this off long enough I guess, but I really haven't been in the mood to bring it up.

Back on March 1st, the day of the triumphant 208 boxes of cookie sale, I rear-ended another car on the way home. I was coming up to a red light with a long line of traffic in front of me. Everyone stopped short, very quickly, but I couldn't stop fast enough. I'm certain that if anyone had been behind me, I would have been rear-ended as well, but I was the last one in line.

I was coming to a stop, not moving very fast at all and look what happened to my baby!

It's all completely smooshed! I'm so annoyed. If bumpers actually were bumpers, a la pinball machines and the little cars at the amusement park, this accident would have been a big nothing. Instead his bumper got wrenched down and mine is cracked and the damn grill fell off! I might have been going 10 MPH, maybe, and decelerating. This much damage for something like that is just wrong!

Anyway, I was a complete wreck when this happened. Close to basket case status. And it's not like I've never been in an accident before. Back in 1990, the Sister and I were in a doozy of an accident when some nurse misunderstood traffic laws and pulled out right in front of me. We came very close to hitting a house! About two years after that, up at college, I was pulling into a parking space when I got blinded by the glare of the sun and grazed into the side of the next car and the driver was still sitting in it! But that's it. So it's been awhile since I was in an accident. Maybe that's part of the reason I didn't handle it so well.

Luckily the guy I hit was so insanely nice. He was really worried about me and asked after The Girl over and over again. And the cop was really sweet too. Everyone was treating the situation like it was a little fender bender and no big deal. Except me. I was shaking and crying and the Man had to come to the scene because I was falling apart in a pretty quick fashion. When it was all over and we were back home, I had another break down over it all. That night I couldn't sleep because I kept playing it over and over in my head.

In my defense, I did just have a pretty tough four hours previous to the accident being out in the freezing cold and wind for the whole time. I was tired and numb, not in the best shape to deal with any kind of problem, especially one like this.

Now returning to my opening statement- If bumpers aren't going to allow you to actually bump anything without being destroyed, then I really think they should be renamed "Breakers". I think I makes more sense as a title. It's the part of your car that breaks first, so the rest of your car gets a softer blow. What do you think? I have a suspicion that the automobile industry is not going to go with this one, but I'm starting the revolution now. So, my car needs a new breaker, please. And put the grill back on while you're at it, that looks terrible!


ntsc said...

Yes I can remember when hitting something at 10 mph would crumple the bumper several inches, but the bumper was several inches from the car. Was held on by 4 bolts and could be replaced, until you could find your model in the junk yard, with a couple of 2x8s.


Nance said...

OR, call it a "crumpler".

Accidents suck. I hate them. I'm real sorry.

Weaver said...

I'm so glad that none of you were hurt!!!!!! and I totally agree with the name. The dumb things don't bump anything, they just crumple or break and cost a fortune to replace. Still, I'm glad your not seriously hurt! Hope your baby "gets better" soon!

J. said...

NTSC- I remember seeing cars with wooden bumpers. I would so go for one of those right now!

Nance- Crumpler is ever a better word, you're right. Very similar sound as well. We might talk the car industry into that one!

Weaver- My baby is going in to be diagnosed today. We'll see how bad the situation really is!