Sunday, March 02, 2008

It was the best of times...

In the freezing, windy, wintry weather outside of Walmart yesterday, Fearless Co-Leader and I along with four hardy girls sold a grand total of 208 boxes of cookies in four hours. We were so cold we couldn't make change or open bags. The cookies were blowing over. Our poster wouldn't stay taped to the table. Most than once we had to chase wayward bills across the parking lot. The ink froze in our pens. That's cold! But it was the most cookies, by far, that we've ever sold at the booth. The runner-up would be last year, at the same Walmart, when we sold 167 boxes. This sale exceeded all of our expectations.

This morning, Fearless C0-Leader and I joined by three sleepy girls sold a whooping 34 boxes during four hours of sitting in a warm and cozy Drug Mart. It was the dullest and worst booth we've ever run. What a weekend!

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