Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Wintery Mix

First off, there is no way that I agree with the judges that Rami should go to Fashion Week. The blue coat was a effing nightmare that would have got anyone eliminated any other week. And that weird patterned dress that "any woman would love to have" was butt ugly. All they could say about him was "Good job for following directions and not coming out with another Grecian draped frock." I BET you that those three little numbers were the only ones that weren't draped. Prepared yourself for nine outfits that he didn't take any suggestions on! Chris was robbed! I loved his pieces. Loved them and what's more, for most of the show I was never a fan of his work. Human hair on clothes is a bit creepy, I'll admit that, but it was beautiful. If he had used goat, like Heidi guessed, would he be going to Fashion Week? Was it the hair that put them off?

If you need to talk to me from this moment until next Wednesday, you are going to have to email or leave a message because I am just not going to be picking up the phone anymore. Sorry. Our phone has been ringing off the damn hook for a week now and it's all just automated messages-- Hilary has called three times! Even worse are the live calls, talking a mile a minute. A very funny gentleman called yesterday and ask for $200 for the Democratic party. Yeah. Well. As much as I would like to see Democrats in the seats, I'm not willing to go that far just yet.

Blanca is on the Sunshine Diet. That's where you sit in the sun and the pounds just melt away. Unfortunately it only work for snowman and snowladies! I gave her a box of Girl Scout cookies, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, the most fattening cookie there is, but it didn't seem to help much. I think that perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for her. They are calling for more snow. Just what the doctor ordered.


Nance said...

I hate Rami's boring stuff, and the fact that he is already an established designer. That should NOT be what the show is about--giving someone with their own shop MORE exposure. And who doesn't love CHRIS and his engaging personality. I agree--his clothes, although a bit creepy due to the hair aspect, were gorgeous and highly-styled with incredible attention to detailing. If Rami wins, I'll really be honked off.


grammy said...

I agree with you totally on the subject of (I-have-been-a-designer-
since-I-was-five)Rammi and if I
didn't have this terrible sickness
of being addicted to this show I
would boycott Wednesday night.
Since that will never happen I
guess I'm hoping Jillian will win.