Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Chilly Welcome

Yesterday was a snow day for all the little zombies and their keepers. Snow day! Two small words are mean so much! We found out that it was a snow day through the fancy pants new automated telephone system the school system bought. Trouble was that the voice on the announcement was Val, the same woman who calls me every morning to give me a job. So even though it was good news, being that it was her really put me off!

To celebrate an unexpected day off, I decided to do something really fun: The taxes. The kids ran around in the snow, the man shoveled and I sat right here with TurboTax putting together the return. But it was a job that needed done and I was given a day from Mother Nature to do it.

Around three o'clock I went downstairs for a cup of tea when the front doorbell rang (I should say clicked, not rang. The previous owners of our house disabled our doorbell in some weird way and we've never been inclined to fix it.) When I went to the door, this is who I found.

I've named her Blanca. Christmas of 2006 I put together snowman kits as gifts. And of course kept one set for ourselves. I can report that this is the first time we've have enough "good" snow to make a decent snowman and use the kit, a year and two months later! Blanca is sporting all the pieces of it, except in slightly the wrong order. The buttons were for the front, the coal is for the eyes. I never came up with something for the mouth for the kit. That carrot nose is made of wood. There are golf tees superglued to the coal and buttons so they stick in the snow securely. Isn't she lovely!

I think she's asking me if I want to buy some Girl Scout cookies.

After the kids rearranged her parts, I asked them to turn her around and face the street.

It's been snowing steady all day. I just checked on Blanca and she is completely covered in snow. I'll go out in a bit and shake her off. She should be looking her best when the mailman comes. I guess I should clean the steps off again as well!


Anonymous said...

I find Blanca to be just charming
and despite her name I think she makes a very colorful addition to your family!!!!

Weaver said...

I can't believe that's your first good snowman snow. we've had so much friggin snow it isn't even funny anymore. Of course we had ice in between almost every layer of ice too. UGH!! Thank goodness for the snowblower!!!

Welcome to the world Blanca!

Nance said...

How fun to answer the door to such a lovely guest!

J. said...

Grammy- She was Blanche originally, but I changed it to Blanca after a second look at her. It seemed to fit.

Weaver- We've had tons of snow in the past 14 months, but not the good stuff. It's got to be just right.

Nance- I was so surprised! It was just what I needed.