Monday, February 25, 2008

Wi-Fi Baby!

I may be too entirely excited about this but I am writing this from up in my bedroom! The WiFi is finally here. No more waiting for the Man to clear out so I can check an email or find the Pythagorean formula for math homework. No more dodging in to check the bills or my EBay while the Man is thrashing away at Guitar Hero. I've got my own space now!

This past Saturday was World Friendship Day for Girl Scouts. Our troop did Ireland and by the time we were done planning, it was out of control. We had our display, Shrinky-Dink pins, tattoos, a coin toss game, mashed potatoes and music. We needed three tables. Everyone else only needed one. And it was all on minimal effort, really. We barely put any thought into the thing at all.

After the festival, my trusted co-leader and I along with four of our girls hefted cookies door-to-door. (In truth, they hefted, we adults stayed in the warm van and talked to them with walkie-talkies!) In a combination of poor planning with a dash of sabotage, we have been burdened with about 30 cases more than we need. It's a problem. We ordered enough to cover all our cookie booths ahead of time based on last years numbers. But some of the cookie booths fell through and the ones that we ended up with are stinko. So now we are out pounding the streets trying to sell, sell, sell. It also doesn't help that my girls just up and decided not to sell cookies on their own this year. Girls who in years past have sold close to 200 boxes, this year sold less than 20. It was a troop wide epidemic. I know it's their age, but I didn't think it would be this bad! Ah well. We'll be having cookies as the troop snack for the next year!

Yesterday on the radio I heard that They Might Be Giants would be coming in concert this Wednesday. We love TMBG so much, even the kids. A quick discussion between us parents and we decided that we would take the kids to the show and let them skip school on Thursday. What rebels, eh? Come to find out that this "All Ages Show", is actually "14+, No Exceptions". I am so bummed out. I would like to know if it was TMBG who has slapped on the age restriction or the Beachland Ballroom, that gem of an establishment. I hear you, "Just take them anyway. No one's going to ask you for their birth certificates at the door!" And I would, if they could actually pass for being 14, but they just don't have that look yet. It would end up being a giant ass hassle, I just know it; The Man will end up in little snarking match with some pompous club owner and in the end we would all end up escorted away by security. I asked the Magic 8 Ball what we should do and it said "Ask again later". Sounds like good advice.


Brewer said...

TAKE THEM!!!!!!!
NO ONE WILL CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COACH THEM ON BEING 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO ONE WILL CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weaver said...

Damn! whoever that brewer guy is, he sure is pushy :)

My kids would totally love to see TMBG, too. They are waiting patiently for us to find TMBG Here Come the 1,2,3's. Why do places put an age limit on as soon as someone is playing that might like an all ages show? What a pain!!! Of course, my kids just freak out cause its noisy anytime we try to take them someplace cool.

Weaver said...

Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on your wifi.


I expect much more blogging now ;)

J. said...

I cannot promise more bloggig, but I can promise that I will think about blogging quite a bit more. Things like "Hmmm, I should really post. I have no excuse not to."

We did the right thing by passing on the concert. If we had gone the kids would have missed three days of school in a row. And today, the majority of the day was spent on a field trip. There will be a next time. Shit like this DOES happen more than once in a lifetime Brewer.