Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Traditional Easter

For a second year we bundled off to the IX Indoor Amusement Park for a day of Easter thrills, spills and overpriced snacks. But I think that cat is out of the bag on this one because today was much more crowded than last year. Still nothing like your average Friday or Saturday out there, which I swore I would never do again. I even spit on it.

We rode the famed Crazy Mouse a couple of times. We drank too much pop, ate french fries and funnel cakes. There was a petting zoo, a dog show and many, many spinning and noisy rides to keep us happy and busy for an entire afternoon.

There is this one game there that the Man probably would sit at all day if we let him. It doesn't have a name and I've never seen it anywhere else, so you'll have to bear with this description. It's pretty simple actually: You get a bag of tokens and there's this little arm that you roll the tokens down one at a time. They land in a bin that has a wall that moves back and forth pushing the tokens to the front. Once the pile of token builds up enough, then the ones nearest the front fall off the edge, slide out the chute and that's what you win. Seems like a lot of trouble for little payoff, but there is also riding on top of the tokens little prizes that occasionally fall off the edge as well. That's the fun part. The extra tokens just keep you playing longer; it's the prizes you are after. The best prize that the man won today was a little bowling pin key chain that actually ended up being a pen that that the end lit up when you wrote with it. Doesn't seem possible that some much fun could be shoved in such a small thing!

A new thing at the Park today was an oxygen bar. Just like it sounds, you sit at bar stools with a medical-like tube going up your nose letting you breathe in 95% pure oxygen that you can "flavor" with fruit scents that you can almost taste. I didn't do it, but the Boy and the Man did. Neither of them had a high opinion of the situation, so if you ever see this, just keep going. It's not going to put you in a better mood or make colors seem brighter. Getting to keep the tubing seems like the best part for them.

We went by one vendor who was selling Italian charms. This little jewelry fad is SO over. It made me sad this whole booth with table after table of little pieces of metal that absolutely no one would want to buy.... or would they? Right there, no lie, was a charm that had the Girl's name on it. Well, not exactly her name, but her nickname AND spelled the right way. So we bought it. We'll put it on her bracelet and it will go right back in her jewelry box never to be worn again. But being that this was the first time we've ever seen anything with even close to her name on it, well, we just couldn't pass it up. And it's not like I was buying her five minutes of flavored air to breathe!

Yesterday was perogie day. A full day of making and eating homemade perogies. I have lots of good pictures and stories that I'll post tomorrow.


Weaver said...

what an awesome day!!!!

That game used to be at the Milan Melon festival too. I loved that one :)

We saw an oxygen bar at the Mall of America. It was just too strange.

On the name thing. I totally see ya on that one. You HAD to get it! Every time we see something with names on it, the Brewer looks. His goal in life is to never see his kids name on there :) I keep telling him that someday, his daughters will look at him with big teary eyes cause they never see their names and then he'll wish he named them Jane :)

Perogies! The pregnant lady wants perogies now!!! :)

Nance said...

Is the game like a penny fall machine?

Anyway, the pierogies sound wonderful. I haven't had a real, handmade one in ages. Mmmmmm.

Bruce said...

It was nice to get a glimpse of you and the fam.
I have to admit that I was in Vegas last week and I took advantage of one of the oxygen bars. For the record, I thought it was baloney to start with but they are all over the place out there. I just wanted to see if there was anything to it. Laurie payed almost $20 for me to soak in melon scented air.
I'm with your guys, what a rip-off, I didn't feel any different. The drunk guy sitting next to me felt light headed...imagine that, a drunk guy taking in big breaths and feeling dizzy :~}