Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Weekend

First of all...It's over! It's over! It's over! We sold every single box of cookies we had plus 43 boxes that we took in from another troop at the last moment. A grand total of 1243 boxes of cookies sold this year. Our last two booth sales Friday and Saturday night completely wiped us out. This has never happened before, not even close! What a relief! We could go to the mall lock-in and celebrate.

And that's what happened next. Saturday night, out at Southpark Mall, Fearless Co-Leader and I took all the girls to one very long night locked in a mall. We shopped, ate, danced, played mini-golf, saw "Horton Hears A Who", went down giant inflatable slides and slept. Yes, slept! Here's proof...

Sleeping has never been part of the lock-in before, they usually stay up talking and giggling, but this year they all passed out. So did I. I fell asleep at the movie too! Cool part of this year was the pillow making craft that everyone (except leaders!) got to do. That's what they are all sleeping on.
The Man and his dad are back from Florida safe and sound. They bought a camera while they were there, so someday I'll have pictures up and lots of details from the trip. It sounds like they had a really terrific time. I'm really excited about seeing the pictures from Kennedy Space Center.


Nance said...

but...what happened to the 3 boxes I thought I ordered via email?

Weaver said...

Holy Cow! They slept!?!?!? All these years and all it took was a pillow craft? amazing! I was thinking of the mall lock in a few weeks ago when we watched Mallrats. If you remember the end with ben affleck in the sex movie with the girl, he says "call me joey" "call me donny" It made me remember my first mall lock in when we had to paint faces. All night long, I think we painted like one thing off of our chart, everything else was "I <3 KNOTB" and "I <3 _each name here__" God, it was a long night!

congrats on the end of the cookies!!!