Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunburns and a new baby

Whoa! Now that's a bad title!

Last Thursday the Girl and Boy went to an Indians game with school. They were gone forever! The game ended around 3:30, but they didn't get home until after 5 PM. The hang-up involved the stupidity of bus drivers it seems. The kids must have had a good time anyway because when I asked them if the Indians won, neither of them were sure. I already knew that they did win, but it cracks me up that they were there and didn't pay attention to the game at all!

They had to sit in the bleachers and both of them came home with sunburned faces. Every kid who went did as well. We had a Girl Scout meeting that same night and you could easily spot who went to the game. The Girl has quite a bad sunburn on her nose which started peeling today much to her dismay. She has pretty much hid her face from the world as much as she could today.

Friday night I get an unexpected call from Weaver. She just wanted to calmly as anything drop the news that she had the baby on Thursday. A little early? Yep, just a bit. I'm all down with that preemie baby and NICU scene, so here's big love and happy vibes to #4. Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Weaver said...

Oh Pix, thank you so much!!!

I just got back from feeding her and holding her feels so amazingly good!

Sorry to hear about the sunburn. So, did they win? :)

Heather said...

How funny. I was at that Indians game, too. I was behind home plate, though, so I got the sunburn on my part on the top of my head. Those burns are the worst!