Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cedar Point at last

Yesterday we finally got a day that had good weather and no dance practice for the Girl, so it was off to Cedar Point!

We got there around 1 PM and rode six roller coasters and a couple of little rides before we called it a day. It was just the right amount of CP considering the crowds and that it was getting colder by the minute by the time we decided to take off. We finished the day on the Raptor which is such a kicking cool coaster. We all rode it last year, but the Girl rode the whole thing with her eyes closed. This year she kept them open and now says that it is her favorite coaster in the park.

Next visit, we're hitting the Millennium Force! Have a happy Memorial Day everyone!


Weaver said...

Sounds awesome! I remember my old CP pass days quite fondly. #3 is desperate to ride a roller coaster but I don't think it is going to happen this summer. I keep telling her next summer. Maybe I'll just send her to your house instead :)

On Memorial day we took Brewer's mom to a local brat place and Brewer ordered iced tea (I stuck with water for the baby's benefit). When his glass was empty, the waiter brought a full pitcher over. I thought he would just fill his glass, but no! He said "I'll leave this here so you don't run out." His tip grew instantly :) Of course, I didn't get another water but I just filled up with tea anyway :) Just wanted to share the tea love :)

J. said...

Weaver: Leaving the pitcher is always worth a bigger tip! That's big time tea love!

J. said...

Oh and Weaver, I'm coming to get #3 and keep her for a week and take her on zillions of roller coasters... as soon as she's tall enough! I don't care how fun the Planet Snoopy part is supposed to be, if you can't ride the coasters then going to CP is just a frustrating waste of time.