Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends, of which I have a lot more this year than I did last. It's that true I run with a mighty fertile pack of women. All but Weaver have had their little bundle of joy. Hang in there, Weaver. You're time is soon!

My big plan for Mother's Day this year was breaking out the brand spanking new season passes and head for Cedar Point. But, the biggest mother of them all, Mother Nature, had other plans in the way of non-stop rain and cold, cold, cold. So we had to break out Plan B, which was to go see Ironman again. This was my idea, don't worry. Yes, I liked this movie enough to want to pay to see it twice. Even more, I liked it better the second time around. And we waited around both times to see the extra scene after the credits because it seriously speaks to the super geek lurking inside the man and myself.

There's also the matter of Robert Downey Jr. He so does it for me in this movie. Big time. The Pioneer Woman has a particularly cute way of expressing how he makes me feel. I'll spare my male readers the phrase, but I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

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Weaver said...

I must admit, Robert has always been hot but he was especially hot in Ironman. we loved the movie (of course the kids had to pee twice during it but it did make it so that we missed the water torture so I'm not too mad about it) :)

Thanks for the baby shout-out! Four short weeks until the scheduled c-section, but only two weeks until Brewer comes home, so anytime after the 23rd this baby can make an appearance :)

Also, thank you for the awesome card you sent!!!! It totally made my day! Gave me a huge smile on my worst day. Thanks again!