Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring colors, part two

I know what you're thinking. If only we could see a picture of J's house everyday on this blog, then my life would be complete!

Well, I can't take a new picture everyday, but here's another post about my yard just for you!

The little shrub by the front porch suddenly bloomed brilliant pink over the weekend. The rest of the year it is completely unremarkable, but for a few short weeks it looks like this.

The little shrub bloomed before the dogwood's drooped, just like I hoped, but rarely get to see. Here's the whole scene with a little bit of neighbor's lilac sneaking in front.

Unfortunately, we had to mow the yard so the violets are gone. The purple lawn would really compliment the rest of it right now.

But I'm sorry, that's it for yard pictures for awhile. You'll just have go on without for awhile or at least until my roses come in.

1 comment:

Weaver said...

so beautiful!!! Makes me miss stopping in for a visit even more than usual :)