Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summertime in spades

When summer vacation starts around here, we don't mess around. School ended at 2:15 and we all came to a grinding halt. Hence that is why you get to read about the last day of school two days later.

On Wednesday they had the awards ceremony at school, which despite how they attempted to streamline the whole process it was still tediously long. They called all the kids up alphabetically, so if we were seated more near the door and less behind a wall of people, the Man and I could have slipped out exactly one minute after the program started. Next year, better planning.
The kiddos both got awards for have giant hard working brains which makes this mommy extremely proud. I'm still not exactly sure where all this big brained activity comes from. These two get grades that neither of their parents even came close to in school. Is it a twin thing? Whatever it is, I hope it lasts.

So here's the girl with her awards already poised on the couch for the next three months. The purple one is the big brain award. She also has student council, drama club and a cheesy little palm tree trophy for being in that play last month.

And the boy. Big brain, drama club, cheesy tree and again this year, perfect attendance. What is wrong with this boy? He is also camped on the couch for the summer. Right after this shot he asked me to bring him a freeze pop. Summer is here!

Secret Post: I'm not supposed to write about this but it's such a strange story that I must. I'll be very vague so no one will know what I'm talking about. There's this writer that I know who had a poem published in a fairly well known magazine. A few days ago he got a letter in the mail from someone who also tried to publish a poem in the same magazine, around the same time, about a similar topic but theirs was rejected. This other someone just wanted our writer to know that "I think my poem is better than yours". It's was a fairly polite letter in total, so it doesn't fall into the catergory of hate mail. I guess you would have to call it "Critical Mail" if anything. But in any case, it was a first.


Nance said...

Holy crap. Were "these writers" in junior high also? Because that's what Letter Writer Writer sounds like. Sigh. What magazine? It wasn't The Field, was it? Because if it was, I am coming over there immediately with a bottle of champagne. Email me.

Weaver said...

Congrats to the kids on making it successfully through another year! and enjoy the couch time!!!