Thursday, July 17, 2008

The first sunflower

My Mother's Day gift this year was for the ugliest part of my yard to be dug up, turned over and then planted with dozens and dozens of sunflower seeds. Previously that patch of Earth contained a very nasty thorn bush, a scraggly holly bush and an assortment of weeds that we mowed down now and then but flourished in the sunny space. Today it looks like this.

The other side of that window is the kitchen sink and very soon my view will be sunflowers and not the neighbor's porch. And yes, there are too many and they are too close together and I don't care.

Here's the first flower, right on the verge of blooming. This is from one of the mid sized flowers that the package claimed would bloom in a variety of colors.

My planting technique on these seeds was the key to their success. I opened the packages over the newly turned dirt and then walked all over them. I'm fussy like that.

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Weaver said...

is it weird that i come to look at these pictures many times throughout the day just cause they make me smile? They are beautiful!