Friday, July 11, 2008

A few pictures

I didn't take many pictures on the trip, but here's a few from the cave. We took two separate tours of the cave. Each tour was two hours long and involved climbing, ducking and squeezing through tight spaces. Here's the entrance. It gets cold and dark fast.
Here's The Man trying not to hit his head on the low ceiling. There were plenty of moments like this.

And moments like this where this was all the room you had to walk. Sometimes it would be a narrow path like this combined with a low ceiling.

The first tour was a dry part of the cave so there were no stalactites or stalagmites. That was the main reason we went on the second tour so we could see things like this.

The thing about a cave is that it's pretty dark in there, so the majority of the pictures we took didn't come out. Or the pictures came out, but it doesn't do the formation any justice, like this one which is called Frozen Niagara. I guess that's why they sell books of good pictures in the gift shops.

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ntsc said...

I've been to Mammoth Cave twice and enjoyed both trips. The last one was in 1976.