Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Again

We made it home. At least three of us have. The Boy won't be home until Saturday morning. The trip back from Dayton was the longest, most frustrating ride that we've been on in a long, long time. The world was throwing everything it could in our way to keep us from reaching home: Traffic, traffic, traffic, accidents, traffic, construction, traffic, every red light and then a frelling train! It took forever!

Mammoth Cave is...mammoth...and cavey. Combined the Man and I must have said WOW! probably close to a thousand times. It is an amazing place. Be warned that the area around the National Park is completely littered with the most cheesy, old school tourist traps that can be imagined. They make you start to doubt whether you've made a correct choice in vacation destination. But in the end the cave is almost too much for words. You've just got to go and see it for yourself.

I found lots of pressed penny machines on our trip and came home with nine new pennies: Two from King's Island, two from the museum in Cincinnati, one from the Mammoth Cave hotel lobby, one from a scary roadside gift shop, another from an even scarier gift shop and two from the Air Force Museum in Dayton. We went to that museum just to kill time while we waited to pick up the girls from Wright State University. It was in the area, had free admission and a penny machine. We only had an hour but you could spend all day in there. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be.

Marco was very happy to come home as well. He's a crazy car rider anyway, but when we pulled up the driveway he started flipping out because he recognized home. The cats seem to have missed us as well, especially Meg who is constantly at my heels or staring at Marco while he sleeps.

Today was all about laundry, getting groceries and laying around watching the Project Runway marathon. The new season starts Wednesday and The Girl has laid down serious threats if we don't tape it for her.

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