Tuesday, July 08, 2008

From the road

The Man: "Do you want to come down to the [loud, crowded, smoky, room full of games you don't like to play] casino with me or do you want to stay here in the [amazing, beautiful, spacious, quiet, quite possibly the best] hotel room?

Me: I'll stay here.

Hello from the road! Sunday we delivered the girls to Dayton with no trouble at all. Their dorm rooms were so nice that it made The Man extremely jealous since the dorms in Vermont were old and creepy. After we left them, we headed down to Cincy, just to look around. There is a lovely park and walkway down by the river that we strolled along for awhile. There were tons of ski-dos and boats in the river as well as this giant barge.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at King's Island. I always wanted to go as a kid so this was a childhood dream come true! They have got some excellent roller coasters there, a few lousy ones and one that is so bad it should just be torn down now. We rode The Beast and then got right back in line and did it again. The first time we rode it, as we were leaving the station another train went over us. A little girl from somewhere in that train yelled "It's a jerky ride!" as a warning to our car. Since nowhere on the ride were we insulted about what we were wearing or had smoke blown in our face, she must have meant all the bumps and knock about that the ride gave out. At one point The Man yelled "I got jacked in the ribs!" I couldn't stop laughing about that.

This shot was taken by a Cedar Fair executive who was happening by. That makes it official!
The Man is back and he's up $15. Time to blow out of here. Cincinnati museums today because it's supposed to be sticky and hot. Tomorrow it's Mammoth Cave!


Weaver said...

$15!?!?! You are awesome, Man!! Hope you guys are having a fantastic vacation!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to my beloved sister! I hope you are having a great time on your road trip.

Nance said...

Nice photo, and great restraint re: quitting the casino when you're 'up.'