Friday, August 22, 2008

Mysterious Cameras Revealed

You'll recall not long ago the five disposable cameras that I found here and there around the house. They didn't exactly end up being big mysteries or even very old. Here's a quick tour of what developed.

Camera #1
Back in May, The Girl went to a student council conference in Mason. She had to spend two nights in a host home with another delegate that she didn't know. You weren't allowed to room with anyone from your school. Here's the Girl with her roomie. They got along smashingly. They are all dressed up and ready to go to the big banquet and dance that ended the conference.
Camera #2
Remember when The Man and his dad went to Florida for Indians Spring Training? They also went to NASA for a day and the Gulf of Mexico. Here's Pop all dressed for a day at the beach!

Camera #3

The Girl also went to a Student Council camp at Wright State University in Dayton in July. This camp was the whole reason the Man and I went on our big crazy trip. Here's the Girl with some of the other campers. She's pretty good about giving her camera to other people to get shots of her.

Camera #3 (again)

Camera 3 pulled double duty also going to Girl Scout camp. The Girl had a high adventure week including river canoeing, ropes courses, yatching and horseback riding.

Camera #4

We do have a son as well. Really. He went to Boy Scout camp. He's not one to have his picture taken especially with his own camera, but he did take a lot of shots of the other guys in his troop. They are quite a bunch.

Camera #5

This was a hodgepodge of different little events. It had some Girl Scout things, the Duct Tape festival, around the house shots and Cedar Point. I picked that first shot of the Girl and her roomie because we ran into that same girl at Cedar Point the first time we went out there. It really is a small world.


Remember there was one shot left on each camera? So for our photo finale, I present the kids doing dangerous things in the park. This doesn't actually look dangerous, but the Boy is standing on the edge of cliff here and it's quite a long way down.

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