Friday, August 22, 2008

Pre-dawn Laughs

Sometimes J can't sleep. (Ooh, I am talking about myself in third person! Hell, I'm going with it!) It's not the J is worried about anything. No pressing problems are robbing her of her dreams. Her nonstop list making during daylight hours usually keeps her worry free during sleepy time. No, none of that. But sometimes, J wakes up at 4 AM and that's it. She's wide awake. She's done this enough to know not to fight it. Lying in bed bored doesn't do her any good. So she usually gets up and catches up on everything. She reads every body's blogs, the newspaper and enough Mental Floss to keep her an interesting person to talk to for a week. She also checks out the cute cat pictures because that is required 4 AM material. Usually they just make her smile or occasionally coo, but this one make her laugh out loud. It's so something she would do to one of her cats...or kids. Perhaps today.