Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture Worthy

Check out this nonsense.

Five disposal cameras. Where in the world did all of these come from? What, oh what, could be on them? I have no idea. Yesterday I found two together in a basket. I recalled that there was one in my desk drawer and one in the glove compartment of the van. When I got the four together, the Girl brought down the fifth one from her room. And here's the really weird part, they all had exactly one picture left on them!

Armed with these cameras we all went walking through Cascade Park and took five pictures of the kids climbing rocks in various dangerous ways. After I get these cameras developed I'll let you in on what we find. I know one went to camp with the girl and one went to camp with the boy, but the other three are mysteries. Stay tuned.

I know what you're thinking. You want to know how my sunflowers are doing. Go ahead and click to see what they looked like a month ago. Here's what they look like today.

And the view from my kitchen window. Yay!

Yes, they are very, very tall. Even compared to my overly tall kids.

But we are seriously lacking flowers. Most of the plants have what will be a flower on the top, but none except a few shorter ones in the center have opened.

These giant leaves already make me so happy. I can't wait for the flowers!

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