Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Moment of Grace

I could write about the Scout program that the Girl and I attended on Friday involving one yard of fabric and ending up with five matching accessories for her room.

I could write about going to see "Legally Blond" at the Cleveland Palace on Saturday and that it was a tremendous amount of fun even though our seats were a bit stink-o. But... I think not.

A much more important thing happened last night.

I stubbed my pinkie toe.

Mind you, this wasn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill type of stubbing. This way a "fall down and immediately break into tears" type of stubbing. The kind of stubbing that involves pretty much every four letter word you know. The Man said I was just freaking out because I was afraid of a repeat of last autumn. And frankly yes, that did cross my mind, first thing. And then over and over and over again throughout the night as the pain would not subside.

This morning I was into a full on limp. And this is what my toe looks like.

Gruesome, isn't it. I think I can safely say now that it isn't broken. The swelling is gone and I can wiggle it freely. I'm saving the limping now just for sympathy. I think it actually helped that I had to go zombie watching today. All that pacing and moving around kept everything from going stiff. But it still hurts like a you-know-what.

So forget cute projects and travelling musicals. My toe hurts and it's ugly. That's all you need to know.

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Weaver said...

your poor toe! just reading and looking at the pic was enough to make my stomach get all woosy with sympathy pains. Hope its feeling better!!!