Monday, December 01, 2008


The Sister hosted all of the family for Thanksgiving. She's my hero. She called me Wednesday night while she was cooking cabbage rolls. I was making an apple pie. Neither of us knew the other was drinking and cooking at the same time. Does this account for our overly long and giggly conversation? Perhaps. Here's a snippet.

We've got all the tables up and set in the basement. I feel bad though. It's all Halloween down there. I have no Thanksgiving decorations at all.

Ah, nobody's going to care. A Halloween Thanksgiving is cool.

We went ahead and put up the Christmas tree in the living room to balance it out.

So it will be Halloween downstairs and Christmas upstairs.

And Thanksgiving nowhere.

It's exactly like the stores treat Thanksgiving! They take down the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas on the same shelves. *hiccup* If you look close you might find a package of napkins with turkeys on them tucked off to the side.

Should we turned the black lights on?

Hell yeah! And light the candles in the heads of those creepy dolls so their eyes glow!

We've loaded the Ipod with mostly Christmas music for dinner.

Keep Monster Mash in the mix... (something slurred)

It's already in.

I was just finishing the lattice work on the pie when we got off the phone. We always put some kind of cut out on the top. This year, in honor of our Halloween-Christmas-and no Thanksgiving, The Girl and I decorated the pie with a jack-o-lantern and a Christmas tree with a big space between them. And yes, the edges are burnt! Ugh!

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Weaver said...

Pie! Pie is good even if the edges are a bit crispy. We had no pie. I'm hoping to bake one on Thursday and have a late Turkeyday celebration on the weekend if the Brewer can get home.

you feel free to drunk dial me anytime! :)