Saturday, December 06, 2008

Day of the Christmas Tree

Yesterday was the kick off to the Anderson Christmas around here. Yes, it was Christmas Tree Day, otherwise known as our anniversary. Every year we break the the kids out from school and head out to the woods to find the perfect tree.

It was just a tad bit too cold for this trip yesterday, but at least we weren't trudging through knee-deep snow like we have in past years. We trekked all over that tree farm searching. The kids are wise to the slow shutter speed of my camera. Trying to get a picture of them lately is impossible.

The Girl...

The Boy

We were just starting to give up hope. We've been coming to the same tree farm for sixteen years. Every year we wonder if THIS will be the year when we can't find anything. And then every year...

we find it.

The Girl lent a hand by dragging it back to the truck. The tree is so fat this year it kept rolling out of the cart.

To make up for always dodging my camera they finally posed for a shot.

They posed for this one too, but only because I promised I wouldn't put it out for the world to see.

It's hard to make out, but the Girl found the top of a tree on the ground. A perfect tiny tree that she wanted to bring home but then changed her mind.

We got the tree up, put on the lights, angel and garland and then called it a day. Instead of putting on ornaments we settled in and watched two episodes of "Lost". We're watching the entire show from Netflix. Yesterday we started Season 2. Love it! Check out the Boy in this picture trying to get out of the shot!

Here's the tree this morning. It made it through the night without falling down so it's safe to put on ornaments. Marco and the cats are not fond of all this extra stuff in their house. Too much chaos for them.

Happy Anniversary Weaver and Brewer! I hope found a way to make your day special as well!

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Weaver said...

i miss you guys soooooo much!!!!

We ate homemade bread and watched an episode of Doctor Who season 3.

Congrats on a great looking tree!