Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A not-so-sweet gift

I recently got a Christmas survey from a dear friend of mine. It asked things like what was my favorite Christmas song and my favorite Christmas dinner food. One of the questions stumped me though. "What was the worst Christmas gift you ever got?"

The worst? What was the worst? I really couldn't think of anything. I know that every gift giving holiday that went by without getting the Millennium Falcon was always a bummer. One year I got a little die cast Falcon that I guess was suppose to shut me up but instead made me really mad, but I think that was a birthday gift. And then there was one year that I got almost exclusively clothes, but that wasn't terrible, just disappointing.

In the end, I can't think of one Christmas gift that would rate as the worst. That said, while I was searching online for gift ideas I found this item.
It's the All Edges Brownie Pan. If someone were to give this to me it would immediately become the worst gift ever! In this house, when I make brownie the edges only get eaten after all of the middle pieces are long gone. The corners usually end up getting pitched because no one likes them at all. This pan has TEN CORNERS! Never has there been a pan that has been so anti me and my family!

Now it's your turn to share a bad gift story. 'Tis the season to be ungrateful!


Nance said...

I would never admit to a bad gift "in public." I will, however, agree with you on the brownie pan. We only like "edges" on square cakes because that seems to be where all the frosting hangs out.

Weaver said...

All over blogger-land, people go on and on about how great that pan is. WTF!?!?! All those crunchy, yucky bits you'd be forced to suffer through and then? Well then you'd have to wash the dang thing! Ugh. I've been thinking that I was the only one you sees this pan as a torture device. Thank you for reminding me why I love you so!!!

I can't think of any bad Christmas presents. A few disappointing ones probably and a few "what were they thinking" ones but nothing so horrible that I still remember it.

J. said...

Nance: You're right, of course. Airing out yucky gifts is not a nice topic. Another thing that is yucky is FROSTING ON BROWNIES! Ugh! If you weren't all cool and famous I might just have to break ties with you for that!

Chipper: I didn't even realize there was a segment of the population that actually enjoyed edges. I honestly thought the whole world was like me! I didn't even what it would be like to wash it. *shudder* What a nightmare!

Nance said...

I was talking about frosting on CAKES. Reread my comment...LOL. But, I do like frosting on brownies, too. Not all the time, but I wouldn't turn down a brownie just because it was frosted.

Famous...LOL. Still poor, though.