Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day Fitness

I mentioned that last week the cable guy was here making things brighter and faster. Unfortunately the very next day our cable started acting wonky. Like no HBO wonky. Like no Boomerang wonky. Bad, bad wonky.

I called up the cable people and got stuck talking on the phone to some guy in Calcutta. I'm not making that up. He told me he was in Calcutta. He made me unplug the cable box, wait ten seconds and plug it back in. It was going to take about five minutes for the whole thing to boot back up, so we chatted about the weather. He wanted to know about ice and snow. I'm actually not that curious about weather in India, so I let him ask most of the questions.

In the end the unplug it/ plug it back in technique didn't do a thing to fix the wonkiness. A real live cable guy would have to come back to the house 8 AM the next morning.

At 8:05 AM, the cable guy arrived. He poked around, tested, called people on the phone and had nothing at all nice to say about the guys in India and their unplug it techniques. He blamed all our troubles on the cable box, the people at the main office who messed up our account, our remote which was programmed wrong and a possible problem with the quams. (Oh yeah, Mom, we talked about quams. He tried to explain it. I didn't understand.)

The main thing that came out of his visit was a very thorough tutorial of how our OnDemand works. Now I knew we had OnDemand and we had used it occasionally. But I actually never really looked around on it. He showed us where all the shows were and how to get to them. There's a huge karaoke part. Free movies galore. Kids shows. Home shows. All kinds of stuff. But what I really thought was cool was the giant number of Fitness shows.

Yesterday for the snow day we all took an eleven minute Yoga class. Later the Girl and I did an eight minute abs class. Yoga was fun. Abs killed. There's a show called Bootylicious Buns that I think we're going to have to watch just because of the name. I mean really! Bootylicious?


Nance said...

Let me know if anything comes up in the area of "Cinnamon Buns." Now, that I'd be interested in.

J. said...

Mmmm. Me too!