Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something to smile about

Friday was the big day around here. The Girl got her first round of braces on.

For now she only braces on the top. Once they pull back her overbite then she will get the bottom ones. If she got the bottom ones now, she would bite them off!
She took this picture of herself. Got to love those pink bands.

PS: We've finished all of Lost last night. We can now safely talk to people. We can't wait for the 21st!


Brewer said...

Good luck with the braces! I remember them like yesterday. I hope for you that your orthodontist isn't On Washington Ave and his last name ends with ...berger. Oh yeah always take motrin before you get to an adjustment. :)

J. said...

Dr. Herberger was MY orthodontist. No way in hell I was taking her to him! And we are all about the Motrin around here!