Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Cheerful Eight

As requested by Nance, I present my eight reasons to be cheerful. (The first two are not going to be Earth shattering news.)

1. Lost. See previous post. Especially observe the photos. There is just something about that show that makes it hard for me to look away. I'm going to toss in here that I am also in love with Netflix. We are concerned that we've been using it so heavily lately that they are going to start slow playing us. Please don't Netflix. We'll cool off soon.

2. My new furniture. Also, see previous post. My parents were over last night and stretched out on the couch, put their feet up and played wii. The only word to describe that scene is cute.

3. Jack's belly. He's not too fond of getting it rubbed, but once you see it you cannot resist.

4. The YWCA where the girl dances has opened the fitness center to waiting parents for an insanely cheap fee. The girl dances on Tuesdays from 6:30 until 8:15. I'm so there!

5. Hot cocoa. I love it. I drink a mug everyday. I used to take it with me to work, but being around zombies ruined the taste. I have to be home in my...

6. Pajamas. Soft and comfy. That's all I want to wear. I figure we have to wear "real" clothes while we are out and about just to appreciate the PJs more when we change.

7. Weaver and her crew moved to Michigan yesterday. This is the closest they have lived in years. I can't wait to see everybody!

8. The Man's winter break. These past few weeks have been a great time, babe!


Weaver said...

We are so happy to be close!!! And? My mom is coming to visit today. Barring bad weather, it should only be a two hour trip! And we live minutes from the Henry Ford Museum so come visit us anytime. We'll have a great time!!!

Now I muststart some more unpacking.

Nance said...

You do not have to sell me on JAMMIES. I am in mine (or fleece pants and shirt--same thing, really) by 3:15 every single day. I come home, fling off the Teacher Identity, and put on my JAMMIES and SLIPPERS. Pure heaven.