Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lost Together

Family Togetherness. It's a beautiful thing. Since November we Andersons have been brought together by our new favorite show, Lost.

For some reason, The Man and I let this show slip off our radar. Neither of us had ever seen an episode. But we had heard the buzz about it, of course. A few of our friends were completely taken with it. They convinced us to give it a try.

Netflix promptly and reliably sent us the first few discs. By the end of the first episode, the four of us were completely sold.

How much do we love Lost? Our furniture situation had been grim for some time. Being almost four grown adults, our one couch wasn't big enough for all of us anymore. Someone always had to sit on the floor. It was getting to be a sore point on whose turn it was to take the floor. Since we knew that many, many hours of Lost were forthcoming, we finally took the plunge and bought enough furniture that we all have a comfortable place to sit...and recline...and put our feet up. It's almost like we bought beds for the living room. We all cuddle up on the couches, cover up with blankets, get a cat to sit with us and then become perfectly still until we run out of episodes to watch.

An episode of Lost is forty-two minutes long without commercials. In an average sitting, we watch three episode back to back to back. New Year's Day we watched three in the afternoon and then another three later that night. That might sound crazy, but what the hell else is there to do on January 1st?

But without a doubt, the thing I'm really loving about Lost is watching it as a family. We don't watch unless we are all home together. After the show we share theories and debate what we think is going on. We talk about it over meals. We talk about it in the car. If you see one of us staring off into space, we're probably thinking about something Lost related. The Boy and I completely confused the checker at the grocery by discussing whether or not a grenade could really kill you underwater.

Season five starts on January 21st. We have nine more episodes and then we're caught up. Back in November, when we started this, I said there was no way we would be able to watch them all in time for the season premier. Shows what I know.

The one thing we don't do is talk to other people about Lost. I might mention it, but if someone even looks like they are going to ask me a question or say anything I shush them up quick. I don't even want to see the reaction on some one's face if I tell them what part we saw last. No. Keep it to yourself. We'll be caught up soon and then it will be safe to talk.


Weaver said...

we are the same way with Doctor Who. Love that show! The kids and I watched Sarah Jane without the Brewer though. I watched Torchwood on the iPhone, after the kids were asleep, while brewer was in jersey. Can hardly wait to settle in and actually watch it with him in Detroit. We've never seen Lost but I'm always thinking "someday."

Congrats on the family fun!!! And the new furniture!

Weaver said...

Lost is on my list along with 24. Never started then and have yet made time for them. Maybe MoTown will provide the couch time we need.

J. said...

Once Lost is over we were thinking of doing Doctor Who actually. We still need to finish off the Farscape though. 24? Never seen it. You watched a series on your phone? Check you out techy girl!

Weaver said...

yup Torchwood. you'd love it! doctor who is for the family, the adventures of sarah jane is for kids, and torchwood is for adults, all of them are fantastic!!!