Monday, January 05, 2009

Winter Break Recap

I guess when it's winter break, I take a break from doing everything. Let's back up a bit.

We had school right up to the 23rd which sucked eggs. Christmas Eve we went to the big party at Grandma's house. It was another big night.

Treasure hunting...

And gambling.

There was also a ton of food but I was too busy shoveling it in to take a picture. Probably better that way.

Every year I promise myself I'll take more pictures than zero on Christmas Day. This year I succeeded by taking two!

I like this shot. Look at all the gadgety fun! The Girl with her DS training her Nintendog, Grammy bowling on the wii and The Brother programming the GPS. Yay Christmas!

Marco got a giant Busybone that was supposed to keep him occupied all day. It last maybe half an hour. I kept waiting for him to barf it back up. He didn't.

But even without the pictures, I can report that Christmas was a lovely day. Our yearly puzzle was completely ignored because of the wii. That thing is huge fun. It will have a post of it's own coming up soon.


Weaver said...

You wanna see wii fun, I'll bring #3 over so you can watch her box. It is hysterical!!! Sounds like a great break. We are at a hotel right now and the house is filled with boxes. Can hardly wait to hang with the wii when we are all done.

Nance said...

I got Rick a Wii. He never even gets out of the recliner to bowl, play tennis, or anything. Failure.