Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Putting a bow on it

First, I'll apologize to Nance right now for this post. It's about you, babe. If you want to stop reading, I understand.

One of my favorite bloggers in the whole world is actually someone I know very well. She was my teacher and now is my friend. Over on my sidebar you can link to The Dept. of Nance and get an appreciation of cute bunnies, the stupidity of people and her views on politics. But it's her OTHER blog, The Brian William's Tie Report, that I want to talk about today.

The Tie Report used to be just an updated article in The Dept's sidebar. But her regular readers enjoyed it so much, she made it into a blog of it's own. Her beautiful descriptions of BW's ties on The Nightly News took on a life of it's own.

And then one day, the Associated Press did a piece about The Tie Report. Wow! After that she reported that for a short time she was asked for radio interviews and telephone interviews. The story spread across the country in the way stories like that do. When I went to find that AP link just now, I couldn't believe how many site hits there were. At The Tie Report, for a couple of days after the story came out, each tie review went from having one or two comments per post to twenty plus. Nance had gotten her fifteen minutes of fame.

Just when the story had cooled down, the December 15Th issue of TV Guide mentioned The Tie Report on it's "Hot List" page. Bam! Another five minutes (or so) of fame!

Time travelled on. Nance had picked up a few, new, true followers to The Tie Report. Most every post now would follow with ten or so comments. Her reports continued in the same way with some ties being panned and others adored.

But it wasn't over yet. On February 5Th, Brian Williams went on Conan. In the midst of the interview, Conan brought up the blog and even read one of the posts out loud. Crazy cool! (That part of the interview is right before minute twenty-three.) It was fabulous.

But how did Brian Williams react? Like a jerk. A big jerk. He was completely belittling to Nance and the blog. I just watched the Conan interview today, which is why I'm all fired up about it now. I think the best way to express my feelings to directly to the man himself.

Dear Brian Williams,

You seem like an extremely polite guy. So why is it that you can't accept a compliment?

You claim that you are much too busy thinking about a world in crisis to pay much attention to what you are wearing. That is actually refreshing considering that plenty of respected news persons lost their minds over the President's recent lack of a jacket. But consider, Brian, looking at The Tie Report in this way: Your average Joe, who would rather watch their algae eater clean the inside of the tank instead of television news, hears about The Tie Report from some place or another. For just one night, they tune in to get a glimpse of your tie so they can go to The Report and read all about it. Isn't it possible that maybe while they were looking at your neck, they were also hearing your words. Possibly, if they stayed tuned for the entire broadcast, they might have *GASP* learned something. And maybe, just maybe, they watched you again the next day. Is it possible that because of The Tie Report, some Americans are a little better informed today?

I'm certain that one day soon you will once again be asked about The Brian Williams Tie Report. Please consider being more generous when that happens. The Report is done in the sense of good fun. Why don't you try having some fun with it yourself?

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Nance said...

Oh, J., thanks, but I don't think it was quite that way. I think it was part of the "shtick" of pretending that he is Mr. Serious Newsman and we bloggers are just "the fringe." Remember, if he acknowledges me/us, then the "legit media" has to take us seriously. Also, if he nods to me, then any weirdo out there attains one less "degree of separation." I wasn't offended. I know who I am and what I'm doing over at The Report, and I like to think that BW and Conan know it, too. I will just relish the fact that Conan said I write beautifully--remember, O'Brien started as a writer in the biz. I'm fine with it. But thanks for having my back.