Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Marco's Favorite Toy


There's no great way to write the noise that we make with empty cardboard tubes around here. Doot-doo-Doo! will have to be close enough.

Over the years we've spent a fair amount of money on squeakies, balls and pull toys for Marco. But none of those compare with how much he loves to rip and destroy empty cardboard tubes. When we get to the end of the paper towels, we take the tube and trumpet Doot-doo-Doo! through it. Marco will come tearing in from where ever he's sleeping to find it. Tremendous scampering and barking continues until we finally give him the tube and he runs away with it to teach it a lesson.

An average paper towel roll lasts about a minute before it's in pieces. The center tube from foil or plastic wrap takes a few minutes longer. The inside of gift wrap is gone in moments. But a few days ago, Marco received the granddaddy of all cardboard tubes. My mom brought it over from Subway. This tube was so tough that it took Marco an entire day to destroy!

I don't know about you, but looking at him chewing on cardboard makes my teeth feel funny. And not in a HA HA way.

The mess he made with this tube was huge but it was worth it to see him so happy and busy.

In the end this was all that was left.

Final Score (in overtime):
Marco: 1
Tube: 0


Nance said...

I feel like the tube should get a point. After all, it lasted all day. Marco did prevail, but the tube battled.

Marco 2
Tube 1

(That's if I get the screenplay.)

Weaver said...

go Marco, go!!!!

J. said...

Nance: The judges have reviewed the tapes and decided that the tube should receive at least a point for longevity. Score stands at Tube:1 Marco:2

Weaver: If only kids were so easily entertained!