Monday, March 09, 2009

Who Shouldn't be Watching the Watchman

Where to start?

Let's start nice. No comic book movie has ever been so faithful to its source. The scenes set in the movie were more often than not exact replications of frames from the graphic novel. I deeply appreciate the effort they through to stay true to the style and mood of the book. This movie was a labor of love in its details.

Okay, no more nice. This movie is rated R for every single reason a movie could be rated R. There's graphic violence and language. Blood, gore, bones, effing this and effing that. The movie is set in 1985 and features an 80's-esque just-this-side-of-soft-core-porn sex scene. Dr. Manhattan floats around the majority of the movie blue, glowing and very, very naked. Well hung naked at that.

All that said, I still liked the movie. I'm curious to talk to someone who hasn't read the book to see if they could follow the story. My kids are annoyed that we won't let them see it, but almost 14 is not old enough for this movie. We had to sit in the theater with plenty of parents with little kids. I thought they would be bolting for the door as soon as things starting gritty, but no one left. Those kids saw and heard it all. They are right up there with the parents of all these kids. What in the WORLD is going on here?

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Nance said...

Thank you for parenting. And I won't be the only one who is grateful in the world, though I might be one of the few who gets to thank you directly.