Monday, April 20, 2009

Flight of the Conchords

How do you end Spring Break? By going to a concert on a Sunday night!

The Man and I left the kiddos at home and headed out to Kent State to see Flight of the Conchords. And while it was a fantastic show, Kent State's MACC Center is far from an ideal place to see a show. We had to sit on bleachers. Bleachers. Our tickets had a seat number on it, but when we got to the door they were telling people just to fill in anywhere. Not cool.

I don't know if the place was sold out, but it looked it. Two super fans came dressed as robots and sat in the second row on the floor. The Bret and Jermaine didn't seem surprised at all at having robots at their show. It must be a common occurrence.

Kristen Schaal, who plays Mel on the show, did a stand-up routine for the opening. The one bit she did with a pot, lid and spoon was a killer. Her whole act was terrific.

The guys performed every song I hoped they would except "Business Time". They only did one number that we weren't familiar with already and that was about a bus tour guide. It was an amazing song.

I thought for sure I would be dragging today since we stayed up late and then had to drive home. If we had stayed to get t-shirts after the show we would have been there another half an hour easily. Luckily, none of the shirts had that "I've got to have it" look to them.

I'll finish up here with this shot. I didn't take it, but it's exactly what the guys looked like last night.


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