Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacation Via Flu

Here I am, not going to work.

The call went out last night that my entire school will be closed for the next week because of Swine Flu. A nine year old boy went to Mexico over Spring Break and picked it up there. I don't know who this zombie could be and they certainly aren't giving his name. None of the zombies that I work with mentioned going to Mexico. And since you can't stop a zombie from telling you anything, whether you want to hear it or not, I would certainly have heard about it. The paper also says that this zombie was acting sick last week. But that's no help because during state testing week, everyone is acting sick.

Anyway if you happened to stop by my house last week and I was kissing all over your baby and getting her belly, please don't worry. This flu is passed person to person (which is why they are taking a week to scrub desks and chairs?) and I don't believe I had any personal contact with this poor sick zombie. Same goes if you went to overpriced dinner with me that involved a teary ceremony or were trapped in a van with me headed out to enjoy the stars. Where else did I go last week? Umm. Everywhere in town pretty much! When you start to track yourself and think about all the places you went and people that you saw, you get a fast picture of how an epidemic spreads.

When I went to find pictures and found that seriously weird image up in the corner, this one also came up in the search. I don't believe sweet Porky is guilty of spreading any Swine Flu, but that he came up in the search does make me a little suspicious. Maybe he vacationed in Mexico too.

Next step for me? Back to bed I guess!

Update! I just got called in to go to another school for the afternoon! Drag!


Nance said...

Is Central O. aware that you were in Swine Flu Territory? Did you make them aware? Sigh.

J. said...

Nance: Yes they know. The statement was, "Since you can't work that job this week, here's your new assignment!"

Weaver said...

I was totally coming to leave you a thank you for the great visit! sorry it was so last minute. The kids haven't stopped talking about your kids and their legos :)

I'm not worried about these flu issues except for the Brewer who flew to NYC today.