Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Day

Last week was job shadowing day for the kiddos. Sorry, let's get real here, it was actually called "Exploring the World of Work Day". Isn't that just the worst name for something? It gives me the heebie-jeebies!

This is a voluntary thing and totally on the parents to set-up. The only thing the school does is give you permission to be absent. We had to think long and hard. Did we have friends who have cool enough jobs?

Finding someone for The Girl was easy. She spent the day at American Greetings World Headquarters with Jenn. She was bounced around from department to department sucking up information about licensing, character development, sales displays and graphic design. She talked non-stop for entire day and night about everything she learned when she got home. She also got to go shopping at the company store and stocked up for graduation and Father's Day cards. Her final verdict on the day? "It was a lot of fun. And a lot of walking."

The Boy went to NASA. He spent the day with Jerry who is a scientist out there who studies the effects of prolong space missions on the human body. (None of it is good. We are not built to hang around weightless for weeks on end!) Unlike his sister, The Boy was not so forth coming about what he learned. Over the past week we've been getting just random snippets of information, like Did you know that astronauts have chronic back pain while in space? All in all, what did he think of his day at NASA? "It was good."

Thanks so much to Jenn and Jerry for dragging our kids around for the day! We owe you big time!


Weaver said...

Sounds awesome! If they are looking for some serious fun next year, I could let them help me for a day :)

J. said...

Weaver: I'm certain you could give them a day they'd never forget!