Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Graduate

Last night was the commencement ceremony for Elyria High. Here's The Brother looking very graduated.

This is the only other shot I got. Right after I took this, the batteries died in the camera. Way to plan ahead on my part. Anyway, just image all of these seats filled with girls wearing white caps and gowns and boys wearing red.

It really was the most perfect weather for the ceremony. Not too hot or cold. And not raining. The crowd was huge and crushing. While our family was a pocket of politeness, others brought huge balloon bouquets into the stands and air horns to blow to celebrate their graduate. There was plenty of screaming too. Lots and lots of screaming.

The field was a bit soft from all the recent rain so the girls in their high pointy heels had some trouble walking around, but no one tripped or fell down during the ceremony. It was a bit of a disappointment. (Okay, not really!)

Congratulations to The Brother for a job well done. Now go get a job!

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