Friday, June 19, 2009

Molly Watching

The neighbors went out of town and put us in charge of this happy face.

This is Molly. Last summer when The Man and I went to Mammoth Cave, Molly's people were in charge of our cats, fish and bird. But not Marco. Marco is much too much dog for us to ever put on anyone we know and love. He is the biggest, neediest spaz ever. Marco has always and will always be shipped off to professional boarders who have the space and patience to deal with all of his nonsense.

Molly here is another story. Having her around was way too much fun. She's a basset hound so she's low and heavy. I measured her and she's nine inches across and eleven inches high at the shoulder. When we would take her back home at night, she would plop down in the middle of the driveway and refuse to move. The Man tried to pick her up and confirmed without a doubt that she weighs more than Marco.

Marco loved having her around as much as we did. Only the cats weren't thrilled. They were terrified and probably still traumatized by the whole thing. Molly thinks chasing cats is great. Thank goodness she can't run very fast! The cats only had to meet her once over our four days together and spent the rest of the time on The Boy's top bunk.

This is the only picture we got with the two dogs together. I had to look way down to talk to Molly! The dogs would run around the house chasing each other. Molly could get under Marco and bulldoze him around. Our long legged boy was powerless under her ruthless pushing.

There was lots of this. Lots and lots of belly rubbing. And she has quite a bit of belly to rub.
Thanks for the visit, Molly. Come back anytime!


Nance said...

Oh. God. I cannot imagine having two dogs in the house. But I love how you used "bulldoze him around." Excellent.

Weaver said...

what a cutie!

I put your weekend at Singing River on my calendar. If we aren't in the middle of a move (who am I kidding), I will DEFINITELY show up (but I will have to have the kids, is that too intrusive?). What are you guys doing that weekend? You want me to bring a wheel/loom and some roving/yarn to let the girls try it out?