Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Camp and Duct Tape

Day one of Day Camp went off with many hitches. Many, many hitches. But being true Scouts that we are we made the best of it by begging leaders to be flexible and drinking lots of tea.

Monday is always the day that we tie dye all the camp shirts. That's my big job, overseeing the tie dye station. Unfortunately the shirts didn't come in. So scrambling around we flopped the Monday and Tuesday schedules and instead I led the making of duct tape lunch bags. Now I've taught tie dye for years and I have it down to a science. But I've only taught duct tape once before and that was to three girls in an air-conditioned room. My first group today was twenty-seven strong and everyone wanted the pink and lime green tape. I only had twenty cutting surfaces and eighteen knives. Luckily, their leaders jumped right in cutting tape and helping the girls who were clueless. It was chaotic, but we got through it.

By the end of the afternoon almost everyone in camp had been through the station and emerged with tape covered bag. My giant mountain of tape is down to a small hill. Some of the bags were works of art. Others were a piece of work. But not one girl complained that it was stupid craft and when working with that many girls, that equals success.

The shirts are suppose to be in tomorrow so when you see me my fingers will tinted blue and red. If I'm lucky and careful it will just be my fingers though and not my arms, legs and face!


Anonymous said...

Rabid Girl Scouts+sharp knives=Sure Disaster, but you managed to get through the expereince with no lost fingers or limbs, so the day was a success! Good work!


Nance said...

...but how many rolled their eyes and sent text messages to their BFF's? LOL.