Monday, June 29, 2009

Another one in the books

Day Camp is over.

I said I would be back with pictures, but I guess I didn't mean it because I not only didn't take pictures, I didn't even take the camera

In a nutshell, it was hot. I still have a tiny bit of yellow dye under two fingers but the majority of my Easter Egg-ness has faded away. Tuesday night I was a big colorful mess starting with my tie-dyed hands and shoes and ending with the sunburn on the back of my neck. Right now that burn is pealing and it is SO pretty.

Wednesday I shopped in three different grocery stores spending around $400 buying cookout food for 170 people. It was crazy but it also went super smooth. I only forgot 3 bags of carrots and a bottle of ketchup out of all of it. When you go in a store and buy 23 pounds of ground beef most people would stop and stare. My two overflowing carts barely caused a ripple in the store though. I was surprised how NOT surprised people were at my shopping.

The theme of the week was native Ohio animals but the actually underlying theme was, "It is so damn hot out here!" Groups of girls would go down to the river to observe nature and come back drenched head to toe. A little dip in the river never hurt anyone and probably saved a girl or two from heat exhaustion.

Everyone wants another duct tape craft for next year. Thank goodness I have a whole year to come up with something.


Nance said...

Can you make an air conditioner out of duct tape?

Anonymous said...

Not only can you make an air conditioner out of duct tape, you can make a window to put it in (granted, it's the world's worst window--"What's the weather look like out there, Martha?" "Sticky, George.")

It's good to have you home, baby! But you forgot to mention why the shopping went so smooth....something about a devastatingly handsome assistant, maybe?

J. said...

Nance: I don't see why I couldn't make an air conditioner. I'd make a bar as well serving margaritas while I was at it!

The Man: My shopping assistant was rather dashing, that is true. He was also shell-shocked at the amount of food we bought. Poor lad.