Saturday, June 06, 2009

News Flash: Dancing can relieve zombie fatigue!

In all the time that I've been a zombie sitter, I've never even been asked to work the last day of school. But yesterday I had to do it and it was sucked. It was awful. It was WAY too much to ask of any one person. What can you possibly do to zombies on their last day of school in order to make them sit down and shut up? Nothing. Nothing at all and they know it! I don't want to say anything more about it because that would involve me thinking about it more and I just want to put it behind me. Needless to say, I will NEVER do anything like that again.

Happier thoughts now!

This time of year there is only one word that dictates our days. Dance.

Dance. Dance. Dance. Dance. Dance.

We miss meetings and events because of dance practice. I'm not returning your calls because of dance practice. Our eating schedule goes all to hell because of dance practice. And this morning, when I was hoping to sleep in and recover from yesterday's zombie attack, we've got to get to dance practice.

Luckily, this only occurs the few weeks right before recital. It's nothing close to the kind of life-changing schedule of parents with kids in a big sport like baseball or hockey have to put up with. I know that even though these few weeks are a bit of a blur it's really no big deal. And it's worth it.

That said, here's some shots of The Girl from picture day. Do you notice anything about her?

Could it be something around her eyes? Or in her eyes? Yep, that's it. We said that she could get contacts before recital. And while we are pushing the deadline here a bit, we have come through and she will be dancing glasses free.

But don't mess with her. She may be pretty but she's one tough ballerina!

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