Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lake Erie Crushers

In honor of Aunt Rhonda's birthday, we all headed off to a Lake Erie Crushers game. This was a first for all of us since the whole situation out there is brand spanking new. Being an independent league stadium, they do everything in their power to make sure you have a great time and want to come back. There's even this giant inflatable toy area.

Here's our birthday girl who was treated like a queen all night. That would be her sister, my mother, giving her bunny ears.

They have a birthday package there that is almost too good to true. First she was brought on the field so she could throw out the first ball. Here she is with Stomper on the pitcher's mound.

Here she is just before she threw the ball. This announcer guy asked her how old she was and she proudly told everyone 58.

Here's The Girl, The Mom and The Man's hands. We all got a birthday ice cream cupcake as part of the birthday package. While they weren't the easiest things to eat, they were worth the work.Coincidentally it was also a t-shirt giveaway night, so we all got a giant blue shirt just for showing up. The Boy here flashes the pseudo gang sign for "Hey, I'm at a baseball game".Uncle Dale came along. One of my favorite part of the night was when he was on the phone with my Aunt Diane and told her, "Yeah, it's real baseball! They've got uniforms and everything!"

This is my mom's BFF Cindy. She earned a spot in this post by buying me a beer. Cindy's favorite part of the game was ogling all the players. She declared, more than once, "There's not a dog in the bunch!"
And here's The Brother discovering why you don't sit in front of Dale.
Rhonda also got a game ball signed by all of the players and a program. Uncle Bruce bought her a ball cube in the gift shop to keep it safe. The goodies just kept coming!

The Crushers won the game in a spectacular fashion in the tenth inning. It was the topper to a perfect evening.

Then there were fireworks.

Happy Birthday Aunt Rhonda. I'm so glad we got to spend it with you!

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