Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Class Reunion

Yes, I went to my high school class reunion over the weekend. The more I tell people this, the more I find that going to your reunion is not what most people would consider a good time. Most usually have an all over body shiver and say something along the lines of, "I didn't like those people when I was forced to be around them. Why would I want to see them now?".

I did like who I went to high school with. Well, some of them. When you graduate with 500 people it's not really possible to know all of them. I wasn't involved in a lot of activities in school either, just choir and drama, so that really limits the pool of kids you're exposed to as well. But of the classmates I did know ultimately know, I did like quite a few them. So of course I wanted to go to my reunion.

My reunion was planned through Facebook for the most part. That's how we found out about it, were invited to it, RSVP'd for it, the whole works. Now that's it over that's where all the pictures from it are being posted. It didn't take me long to see a pattern going on with all the picture taking. I would be standing with a group of five or six, smiling and posing for one camera after another. A picture would snap and someone would shout, "I'll put it on Facebook!". Everyone would smile and nod and then someone else would say, "Take our picture with my camera too!".

Because of this through coverage in picture taking by everyone else, I only took seven pictures all night. Why should I bother taking pictures when every angle of every moment was being captured by twenty different cameras? Once they were all posted all of the pictures belonged to all of us. Makes sense to me and going through Facebook today I see that I played the night exactly right. There are MORE than enough pictures of me with my eye doing that wonky thing it does when I smile and my mouth wide open like a happy Muppet.

But here's one picture that I took for Mom and Pop. The Man with one of his oldest friends. What a couple of cuties!


Nance said...

Sigh. Is EVERYTHING done via TwitFace now? Was it even a "real" reunion?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture.
I really needed a smile and some happy memories today.
They are still two really great guys.

Brewer said...

I believe you are the first person I've known to admit to enjoying a HS reunion. I will never know the joy as i will not allow myself to be sucked into the guilt of "going for old times sake" High School is also one of the reasons i aborted my facebook account, that and its propensity to become a time vampire.

J. said...

Nance: It was a very real reunion. Facebook is just how they spread the word. And the pictures.

Mom: They are great guys. We should find a way so you can meet all of his kids.

Brewer: It is possible to belong to Facebook and not lose your soul to it! But I know what you're saying about enjoying reunions. I am definatly in a minority.