Monday, November 23, 2009

To new heights

A staple conversation of any family gathering would be the amazement over HOW TALL other people's kids have gotten. I know that when I was a kid and long absent aunts and uncles would tell my mom, "Look how tall she's getting!," it would take everything in me not to answer, "Did you think I'd shrink?". But I was raised better than that so I kept my smart ass remarks to myself.

In just a few days now, a big pile of family will descend on this town and start in on my kids and their height. So I will just put it out there right now and nip the debate before it even starts: Yes, they are taller. Much taller than when you saw them last. As proof I offer photos of the wall in our home where we measure them. Look and be awed.

This part of the wall covers their most recent measurement. How recent? How about today? This wall has little marks for the kids' heights reaching all the way down to the floor, back to the days where one of us held a kid up while the other made a mark. Sadly, those dates and initials are getting difficult to see way down there.

Some of the dates are just month and year. A few have day, month and year listed by their little mark. That first picture is not doing it for you? Here it is with some illuminating labels.Hmmm. Lacks scale. Let me spell it out a bit more. For The Girl, the change in height between her birthday and today (about eight months), is just a smidgen over an inch. The Boy grew just a smidgen less than two inches.

I'm afraid this photographic evidence will not stop the head shaking, utter bewilderment over the fact that children grow by my family, but I can say that I tried. In closing, try to wrap your head around this close-up of a part of the wall.
(The 4-1-09 initial belongs to E, but it got cut off.) What does it mean? Not much really but it is fun to look at.


Weaver said...

well. from the pictures recently, I was going to ask what's wrong? I mean, they look healthy, I guess, but they look so darn short. maybe they are just not standing up straight in the photos. Or maybe, all those years ago, when you had to carry them down the stairs one at a time, they just looked taller.

:) (that help a little?) :)

J. said...

Weaver: Oh, you make me smile!

A PS on this story: My aunt came into the kitchen and was THIS CLOSE to making a fuss about their height when she caught my eye, gave me a sly smile and then just hugged them. Seems I have four readers now.

Weaver said...

Awesome! My Aunt called on Sunday to ask what sort of virus protection she should get for her new pc (yes, we have macs and have only ever had macs. what the heck would I know about virus protection for a pc???). anyway, at one point she did casually mention that she reads "that brewster thing every once in awhile" and that it is "so neat." That woman is definitely an odd duck, but she at least reads the blog more often than my mother :)

Congrats on your new reader!!! ;)

J. said...

My mother doesn't read my blog either. What's up with that?