Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On the first day of December

  • Had a fight with my label making program-- and won
  • Chauffeured my brother to school
  • Rented a carpet cleaner
  • Went out to lunch with The Man. Luchitas. The Best.
  • Went to town on the living carpet
  • Chauffeured my brother back home
  • Taught the carpet a thing or two more about clean vs. dirty
  • Picked up my own children from school
  • Gave the carpet the what for and the how come and the why not
  • Decided that the family could fend for themselves with leftovers for dinner
  • Took the carpet cleaner upstairs to frighten my bedroom carpet clean
  • Ran a large pile of teenagers all over town to their various things
  • Enjoyed a nice glass of wine in my very clean house


Nance said...

You know, I ate at Luchita's ONE TIME, and I found it horrible. Absolutely tasteless, dry, and awful. And so did all three of the others in my party. I either caught them on a bad night, or they've gotten better in the couple years since. New management, maybe?

J. said...

I have never known anyone to have a negative experience there. What a shame that you did. I recommend giving them another chance. I'm sure it will go better.