Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Tree Day '09

Today is Christmas Tree Day. We are celebrating it one day early this year since the actual date lands on a Saturday and the kids threw a fit. Getting out of school for half a day is a large part of the magic of Christmas Tree Day.

This morning I started thinking about all the past Christmas Tree Days. This will be our seventeenth tree sacrificed to the idea of jolly hollyness. We've had all kinds of weather for this adventure. Warm, shirt sleeve days. Knee-high snow. Sloppy, shoe-sucking mud. Toe numbing cold. And two years ago, we had to drive home in a blizzard. The one thing we didn't have was a camera with us every year. I only remembered to capture the day five times over the years. So I present to you a truncated history of Christmas Tree Day subtitled The Man and his Conquered Foe...



And today.
Let the merry times begin!

1 comment:

Weaver said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!

Can hardly believe it was so long ago that Flame nearly made ol' Santa's eyes pop out as we got our picture taken in honor of your big day.

You were (and still are) so beautiful!!! And E was so handsome!

--is it wrong that I'm still glad that I didn't have to drive your sister home? :)--

here's to another great year for you!!!