Friday, January 22, 2010

How the President's Visit Impacted the Andersons

We are all home today because President Obama is coming to town. They closed the college because that's where he's speaking so The Man is home. They closed all of the other schools because an unknown number of roads would be closed for unknown lengths of time. Last night when I was running kids hither and back, I saw piles of barricades and road closed signs on curbs. At first I couldn't understand why they would be driving the president through the center of the city, but the newspaper this morning says that one of his stops will be Riddel where they make football helmets. Who's idea was that?

They can close all of the school under the umbrella title of a calamity day. One of my Facebook friends called it a Sn'Obama Day, which is just clever enough to make me really jealous.

Last night the kids went on an exhausting toboggan field trip with Student Council. I was leery of this trip being on a school night knowing that the next day they would be wiped out from dragging that sled up all of those stairs over and over again. (They went down nine times.) So my still sleeping children say thank you to the president for letting them sleep off all of the fun instead of nodding off in class today.

So what shall we do with a unexpected day off. I'm thinking clean the basement. They are probably thinking Xbox. Maybe a compromise can be reached. Isn't that the essence of Democracy?


Nance said...

Sn'Obama Day--excruciatingly clever! Now, as far as the Plan for the Day, how about clean for an hour, then XBox for an hour? Then, when the cleaning is done, all XBox. The faster it's done, the more XBox they can play!

Weaver said...

sounds like a good day off no matter what you do :)

J. said...

A little less than two hours finished everything I wanted to get done in the basement. Plenty of time of Xbox. Everyone was happy.