Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lego Toy Workshop

One of my favorite gifts this year was this fantastic Lego Christmas toy shop.

Here's the front. You can see the toys in the front windows.
Inside you can see the toy maker at his work bench upstairs. Downstairs is the shop with a fireplace.

The toy shop came with plenty of people like these skiers, this big mouth kid and a faceless snowman. I'm not exactly sure what that kid is planning on doing with the carrot.

It also came with this giant tree being lit by a girl on a ladder.

No Christmas tree is complete without toys.

The last part is this tiny park scene with carolers. I love their little books!

Remember the toys you could see in the shop window. One was a train and the other was this tiny robot. It is so simple and yet so adorable. I'm crazy for this guy. I want to make a whole army of them.

Hmmm.... I wonder how many I could make....

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Weaver said...

Dude!! That is the coolest lego set EVER!!!